The GEEKS that TALKS for a CAUSE

It was start around year 2012–2013 it was first known as “TechCon” — TechCon is a group of I.T’s who are passionate to share their knowledge and at the same time they want to help less fortunate children. From the start the name was inspired by RootCon the Premier and largest hacking conference in the Philippines. Just like RootCon we like to inspire students and give them an avenue to learn that there is a new opportunity to them to explore. by visiting their school and conducting seminars. in every event and school we visit, we greatly appreciate the feedback of students and displaying their interest in field in cybersecurity.

In October 2013 the TechCon group decided to change the name to GeekTalks Philippines and it was registered in SEC as a Non-Profit Organization. Our Group started to conduct Seminar for a Cause for less fortunate children. we receive a volume of request to conduct our seminar to their schools and they are surprise with our requirements in terms of conducting seminars, compare to other speaks who charge student PHP 5,000 pesos to PHP 15,000 which varies to school capability on how much they can pay.

Geektalks Philippines only ask the students to bring a set of Pencils, Ball pens, Papers and notes books as exchange for the seminar. then this is the start of our Journey of Seminar for a Cause.

we visit different colleges and Universities and conduct a seminar regarding technologies and security topics. we ensure that we can help the I.T students for their I.T Career path, how they can excel to their course and field in IT, what are the challenges and how they can overcome all the trials.

We also tap tech community to help us sponsor for venues, it is difficult for us to rent a space since most of the time we use our own money for transportation and food allowance, we carry all the donations by hand and transport it in our of GeekTalks representative who is near on the area of the seminar event to lessen our expenses.

We also receive donation from our friend in tech industry, they tap their friends, co-workers and relatives to collect school supplies also.

its an overwhelming support from our friends, which boost our morale to continue our initiative to collect school supplies. as we continue our journey doing charity works we aim to visit different universities in Luzon for 1 year to collect enough school supplies and donate the goods to a remote area. Then we started to look for a school, after a long discussion we selected a school from Camotes Island Cebu “Dap-Dap Elementary School”.

Year 2015 we visit Dap-Dap Elementary School the fruit of our labour!

Without our Partners, Sponsors who made this project possible! we thank you for supporting our advocacy during our journey Year 2015. to be honest we experience problems and challenges during our travel to Cebu but we overcome those challenge since we are all willing to bring the supplies to the students of Dap-Dap Elementary School.

And we arrive at Camotes Island Cebu, The next day children are lining up and ready to receive their school supplies.

The smile and excitement of the students are priceless our effort is paid off!

Inspiring children to be successful for them to be able to help others is one of the best lesson we can share to them

We know the feeling of not having enough resources for our school. and we want to inspire them to do the same when they are all successful professionals and entrepreneur.

and understanding of the challenges and problem of their school is also important.

a simple act of kindness can impact our future givers

And in 2016 we are able to donate another set of School Supplies to Northern Luzon with the help of our Community Partner “HackTheNorth” for Brigada Eskwela Project.

and another set of school supplies to Valenzuela City

we know its been a year before I write this article, and its been a year to get a chance to say thank you to all who support our initiatives, schools, professors, student organizations, sponsors, community partner. its been an Elite Experience and achievement.

as of now we are all busy with our jobs and businesses that took so much of our time, we hope we can find a right time to do this again. We hope that we can revive and continue this legacy for us to help and shape our country. inspire more students and children.

Again thank you to all!


Geek Talks Family



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